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Three moms unzipping pumping and nursing blouses in preparation for pumping breast milk
Mom unzipping a pumping and nursing dress in preparation for pumping breast milk

Product Features

Easy Wear, Easy Care

Get the look you want with the comfort you expect.


Our designs highlight the body’s natural curves without binding, delivering all-day comfort.


Our athleisure fabrics are machine washable, saving you time and eliminating the frustration of fussy laundry.

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Flexibility for Postpartum Life

Save money with a garment that delivers more value.


Our elevated basics reconnect you to your personal style.  Express your take on pumping motherhood in apparel that flexes to wherever your day takes you.   


Our sizing and silhouettes are optimized for a changing shape, flattering your body throughout the first year. Feel secure and confident as your body shifts through postpartum.

Efficiency for Motherhood

Simplify your day and spend more time doing the things you love.


Efficient bust access is built into every garment, saving you time however you pump or nurse.


Our durable, easy-care fabrics are compatible with the messy world of motherhood - leaks, spills, and sticky hands are no problem – and they’re always machine washable.

Pumping and Nursing Apparel

Optimized for Different Modes of Lactation

Mom wearing pumping blouse and pumping milk while working on her computer

Double Pumping

Fast, simultaneous access to both breasts maximizes efficiency while maintaining chest coverage for modesty.

Woman wearing a pumping blouse with a wearable breast pump


Extra chest volume accommodates a wearable pump without adding awkward bulk to the entire garment.

Woman wearing nursing blouse and breastfeeding baby in home office


Flexible chest opening enables as much or as little access to you breasts as your prefer for maximum nursing comfort.

An Extra Layer For the Ultimate Security

Our patent-pending leakproof liner protects against leaks and peeps. You can feel secure all day knowing leaks, breastpads, bras, and nipples won't ever show.

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Leakproof liner component of the Fulcrum Apparel Original Pumping Blouse