Product Features

Designed for postpartum bodies.  Engineered for working mom life.

We're on a mission to provide working, pumping moms with garments that meet the demands of your lifestyle, without compromise.  We've designed better work wear options optimized for postpartum bodies, enabling you to seamlessly pivot between your roles as professional and mother so you can achieve your goals.

Proudly Made in the USA.

Optimized for Different Modes of Lactation

Mom wearing Fulcrum Apparel blouse and pumping milk in pump room at office

Standard Pumping

Fast, simultaneous access to both breasts maximizes efficiency while maintaining chest coverage for modesty.

Woman wearing a Fulcrum Apparel blouse with a wearable breast pump

Wearable Pumping

Extra chest volume accommodates a wearable pump without adding awkward bulk to the entire garment.

Woman wearing Fulcrum Apparel blouse and breastfeeding baby in home office


Flexible chest opening enables as much or as little access to you breasts as your prefer for maximum nursing comfort.