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Welcome to Fulcrum Apparel Fulcrum Apparel | Clothing for working moms pumping milk at work

  • Pumping mom sitting at desk working


    for working motherhood

  • Pumping moms sitting at conference table working


    to suit your work setting

  • Mom working from home and pumping milk


    across traditional + wearable pumps and nursing

  • Pumping moms at work in office kitchen


    keeps you secure all day

Work Wear Redefined for Pumping

Woman wearing professional attire from Fulcrum Apparel


An elevated, professional look that’s appropriate for any work setting and doesn’t look like traditional maternity or nursing wear.

Postpartum woman with curves


Sizing and silhouettes optimized for a postpartum body to help you feel secure and confident as your body shifts through the postpartum period.

Breastmilk spilled on clothing


Functional efficiency for pumping and compatibility with the messy world of motherhood with our durable, machine washable fabrics.


Invest in Yourself

Tired of having nothing to wear that meets your needs?

Need solutions for efficient pumping?

Ready to move on from maternity wear?

Want an elevated look that flatters your postpartum body?

We've got you covered.

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