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Four moms modeling pumping and nursing clothing and holding babies
Woman wearing a Fulcrum pumping dress and sitting on the floor playing with her baby

Who We Are

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Kathryn Wepfer founder of Fulcrum Apparel
Kitchen scene with hands washing pumping equipment

Our Approach

At Fulcrum Apparel our mission is to make working motherhood more efficient and elegant.

We envision a workforce of moms shaping the future, equipped with the systems, support structures, and solutions they need to efficiently integrate their professional and personal roles and achieve all their goals.

We believe:

  • In the infinite potential for women to impact the world through the roles they chose.  We are inspired to support their work.
  • Motherhood is different for everyone and full of challenges.  We recognize the need for each mom to navigate the journey on her terms.
  • In the strength and beauty of the female body.  We celebrate all bodies and seek to help women feel awesome in their unique bodies.
  • There is no one right way to feed a baby.  We support all feeding journeys.

Our Name

Fulcrum [fuhl-krum]


The support, or point of rest, on which a lever turns in a moving body.

“Fulcrum” is a nod to our engineering roots. It represents the dual roles a working mom embodies, both the challenge that comes with pivoting between those identities, and the fulfillment that comes from living fully into all the chosen parts of yourself. We hope our garments help you as you pivot between whatever is most important to you.

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