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Sage green pumping blouse by Fulcrum
Milk spilled on a Fulcrum pumping blouse

How We Operate


Our garments are born out of a need for flexible, utilitarian solutions.  Pumping and nursing moms need garments that enable them to feed efficiently anytime and in any manner. That’s why we’re raising the efficiency bar with clothing that's optimized for all types of pumping, not just for nursing.  And pumping efficiency is just the beginning, because working moms need flexible solutions that fit their lifestyle.  We build in additional functionality by uusing durable fabrics with no-fuss care so your garments can stand up to the countless messy moments of motherhood. 


We start with a technical solution and transform it into something truly beautiful and pleasurable to wear. We believe moms shouldn’t be limited to particular aesthetic just because they’re pumping or nursing, so we design to a flexible, elevated aesthetic that puts every mom in control of her look so she can express her own unique style. Whether she prefers classic professional, Parisian chic, casual comfort or another aesthetic, she can reconnect with her style and reflect her unique perspective on pumping motherhood.

Various colors and types of fabrics draped on a white background


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Fulcrum packaging