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Stories of real women returning to work and pumping

January 31 2020 – Kathryn Wepfer

Fulcrum Apparel logo - brand for pumping working moms
Fulcrum Apparel logo - brand for pumping working moms

Welcome to The Pivot Blog from Fulcrum Apparel!

Hello, I’m Kathryn.  Entrepreneur, mother of two daughters, wife, and newbie blogger.  I’m here to offer you inspirational portraits of working moms who have navigated the challenge of breastfeeding through their return to work and pumping milk at the office.  In the process of building a business to provide better solutions for working moms, I’ve spoken to hundreds women who have been through this experience, and not a single one has ever told me she enjoyed the experience of pumping at work.  Returning to work and pumping at the office can be extremely challenging, even miserable at times.  It’s something many of us choose to do because we believe in the impact we can have on our babies and on our work, and although that driving force guides us, there are days when the constant small challenges make us want to give up.  As a working mom, I’ve found strength in the other working moms in my community, sharing challenges, successes, resources, hacks, and more.  I gain confidence in feeling I’m not alone on this journey, and that on those days when I may literally cry over spilled milk, there are badass women out there facing similar challenges and conquering them.  Sometimes we're graceful, and other times we just barely get through, but we are all getting it done in our own way, and those stories are valuable to share.

I also want to provide a narrative not only of the struggles, but of the success women are having as they integrate these parts of themselves and pivot between their mom and professional identities.  When I pumped at work I felt like I was bringing such an intimate part of myself to the office each day, and I struggled with how to show up confident as both a mom and a professional.  Today in my conversations with working moms, one thing I hear often is the concept of being better.  Now that they are moms and professionals, they feel like they’ve grown into better people in the sense that they can get more done, empathize more with others, prioritize like never before, and bring more to both their family and work lives.  That’s incredible! 

We are stronger as we pivot between our dual identities, and there is so much to celebrate in what we’re accomplishing for our families, for the world, and for ourselves.

I’m going to share only real women, their real experiences, and real photos.  This is real talk, always.  I will seek out diversity of experience and background, and I want your feedback on what and who you’d most like to see in these portraits.  I’ll also share other resources outside the blog that can be helpful for working moms.

I mentioned above that I’m a new blogger, and I must admit I'm intimidated by the whole experience.  It’s a way of putting myself out there that feels so uncomfortable, but I’m giving myself this bravery challenge because I know I have an opportunity to make a positive impact.  And while this blog baby makes its way into the world, I’m preparing to launch a business to bring better work wear options to you, the working moms out there hustling to do all the things that are most important to you each day. We need better options that allow us to efficiently pump while looking more formal and professional, and to show up feeling our very best. 

And now I offer you a snapshot of some of the incredible women inspiring my work every day.  Wherever you are on the journey – preparing to return to work, in the process of making that transition, or even past the pumping phase and fully re-acclimated into work, I hope you find inspiration in these portraits and increased confidence to move forward in your journey, bringing your many gifts to the people and challenges that matter most to you. Thanks for coming with me on this ride!

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