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The Pivot

Real stories about real women returning to work and pumping. The challenges, triumphs, and everything in between. Tips and tricks. Always real talk.

Jackie Loo head shot - working pumping mom

A Supportive Employer Makes a Difference for a Working, P...

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Working pumping mom: Jessica Lee headshot

Overcoming Early Feeding Challenges and Personal Loss

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  • Orange origami sailboat - Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán

    October 13 2020 – Kathryn Wepfer

    Update, Oct. 2020: Wind at Our Backs After Being Stuck in the Doldrums

    It’s October 2020, seven months into the pandemic, and we'd love to share business update.  The summer was a very difficult time for motivation, clarity, and spirit.  The fashion industry has resumed most operations, and we're back in product development, working toward a 2021 launch.

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  • Monica Nelson head shot – pumping working mom

    September 28 2020 – Kathryn Wepfer

    How Busy Teachers Pump With Zero Schedule Flexibility

    Lactation experts recommend a woman pump every 2-3 hours when she’s away from her baby at work.  What do you do if you’re on a teacher’s regimented schedule and that’s just not possible?  This mom shares how she navigated schedule limitations to pump for all four of her children.

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  • Jennifer L working pumping mon headshot

    September 15 2020 – Kathryn Wepfer

    Prohibited From Pumping: Know Your Legal Rights

    When her employer removed her pumping slots from her schedule and informed her that she would have to put in extra time to make up for pumping breaks, this mom quit on the spot and sought support from her state's labor relations department.

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  • Tired mom working at home with kids in background - photo by Ketut Subiyanto

    August 26 2020 – Kathryn Wepfer

    Back to School 2020: How Can We Do It Better?

    For working moms, 2020 continues to be a roller coaster of challenges.  We made it through the spring and summer, and now the next season is upon us:  back to school, though this will be far from a normal school year. 

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